I'm an independent dog walker located in Vancouver's Yaletown area. I grew up  in the small town of Nanaoose Bay, on Vancouver Island & have been around animals all my life & have developed a love & interest for them at a young age. I love anything to do with being outdoors and having the companionship of animals makes it that much more enjoyable. All of my pets have been a priority in my life. My exposure to animals & their care includes anything from chinchillas & hedgehogs to dogs & horses.

My walking partner Tsar, is a young Borzoi, or also known as a Russian Wolfhound. He's somewhat shy & timid at first, but loves to play once he gets to know another dog. He is very gentle & does well around all other animals. Also in our family are two Cockatiels, Frederick & Peder Sellers.

Tsar & I have a very flexible schedule & are available to walk your dog or puppy anytime during the morning, afternoon or evening. 

We're also able to provide pet sitting services & have experience caring for an array of different animals.